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\ Flexibility and Strength Training Designed by the Ballerina //

The Flexistretcher was designed by former ballerina, Rachel Hamrick. After her career was cut short by injury she became certified in yoga, pilates and strength training to re-train and eventually began teaching all ages and levels. Her extensive experience in the ballet and fitness worlds provided her with the ability to create a tailored training program focusing in on improvements in flexibility and strength.


  • Working with the Flexistretcher allows one to simulate dance-specific or sport-specific movement patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility.
  • Utilizing the elastic resistance the Flexistretcher increases muscle strength in a safe, productive manner.
  • As the band stretches, resistance increases, providing a stimulus to the muscle. This resistance does not rely on gravity. Instead, training with elastic resistance provides a variable resistance throughout the stretch or exercise, eliminating the possibility of using momentum and "cheating" your way through the movement.
  • Working against this resistance forces the muscle to respond with increased effort, which promotes the development of muscular growth, strength, and power.
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