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MASK 008

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Two elastic earloops for maximum comfort.This multi-layer, reusable and washable face mask protects the wearer and people around.
Amazing performance: this mask offers the perfect balance between breathability and safety. After 20 machine washes at 140° F, our fabric still offers almost twice as much breathability as what is recommended by health protection agencies and stops 98% of particles bigger than 3 microns (saliva droplets are between 5 microns and 10 microns in diameter).
Up to four hours of protection.
Not intended for medical use.
Adjust correctly to face shape thanks to top and bottom darts.



Made of three layers:

Layer 1 = 100% Cotton Twill 180gr/m²       

Layer 2 = 100% Nonwoven Polyester 100gr/m²       

Layer 3 = 100% Jersey Cotton 120gr/m² very soft against the skin.

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